A Wildlife Garden, Nidderdale

About This Project

The client’s brief was to resolve issues with a sloping site and to bring wildlife, particularly birds, into the garden. With the terrace area already completed, this was an exercise in using planting and garden structures to move the eye laterally across the garden (to create an illusion of space on a narrow site). The planting is sensitive to the garden’s setting next to a wood, so a palette of russet, greens, burnt orange, white and blue highlights were used. Plants include russet foxgloves, eryngium, nivea, gillenia with bushier forms of sarcococca and osmanthus for scent, flower and shape. Three Amerlanchier lamarkii tie the design together. L-shaped uprights will be planted with climbing roses, while pyracantha and white clematis will add interest to the terrace walls. The garden has been planted. Pictures to follow in Spring 2017.