A Harrogate Roof Terrace

About This Project

A challenging design to find an elegant solution to an unattractive carport roof (formerly used as a roof terrace) and rear garden at a lovely property in Harrogate’s Duchy Estate.

The design is a modern take on the Victorian style (in keeping with the history of the property), employing bespoke design detailing and planting that reflect an updated take on the best gardens of the Victorian period.

The clients will be able to walk out of their kitchen door, under bespoke powder-coated aluminium pergolas that span the width of the garden, and are clad in scented climbers. A seating area catches early sunshine and a place to enjoy structural planting in greens, silvers, white and yellow that is the colour palette for the garden.

A wrought iron stair with shepherd’s crook detailing leads to the new roof terrace and a seating area under the shade of a second pergola. The height of the fencing and pergola is carefully considered to afford the clients a sense of privacy while still being able to enjoy the views of the Harrogate skyline.

From the seating area, they can move on to the dining table for at least eight people, which sits under the third pergola and is further defined by four trees set in the planters that wrap around the terrace. The dining area is backed by a scented rose hedge.

The design is subject to planning approval.