York Gate

garden design at york gate with views to fountain garden design for york gate near leeds and harrogate creating planting design and landscape design
About This Project

The Perennial Garden at York Gate is intended to reflect the work of Perennial, a charity dedicated to helping horticulturalists in need.

This garden evokes the journey from despair to new hope of the gardeners and their partners who benefit from Perennial’s support.

The visitor is led along a walkway of conical copper beech topiary, symbolising the start of the journey, past a display area displaying information about the charity, towards a fountain. Then the path opens into a double border, with joyful  Cercis canadensis leading the eye towards a copper beech.

The loose, disordered, species planting at the start of the journey is replaced by serene cultivars, with a palette primarily of greens, whites, blues, purples and accents of deep red.

The diagonals are resolved into a large harmonious octagonal gathering area, that leads into York Gate Garden.