We differ from many other garden design practices in the highly considered way we approach every project. Our goal is to create a design that is both elegant, utterly bespoke and unfussy. We ‘cook with few ingredients’ but we make sure every element of the design is beautifully realised.

We manage all aspects of the design process, from first visit to completed garden and beyond. We aim to make the whole process enjoyable and stress-free for you. Here are our design services:

First Visit

We will come and look at your existing garden and listen carefully to your hopes and dreams of what your garden could become. This is where we get to know you, understand how we can best help you and what can be achieved within your budget. Please note that we do not provide sketches or planting advice at this stage.


We will arrange for your existing garden to be surveyed precisely, taking into account services, soil condition and PH, and any restrictions such as tree preservation orders.

Master Plan

This is the precise plan of the proposed gardens, with additional elevations and construction details. This is the plan that will be used by contractors to be able to accurately price up the work, avoiding any ambiguity and unforeseen build costs.

Visuals, Animation

We accompany our Masterplan with highly detailed computer-generated imagery of the proposed new garden. These images give clients a walk through of the new space and views out from their property, both by day and lit up at night. We accompany these images with an animated film of the proposed garden, helping clients fully understand the space.

Planting plan

This is a plan that can be laid over the master plan, showing exact location of plants and plant numbers. As planting can often be a very personal aspect for clients, we can create a shared online planting moodboard so clients can suggest favourite plants during the early planting plan stages.

Construction Detailing, Tendering

Once the design is signed off by clients, we create detailed drawings of how to construct the new garden and then prepare all the relevant documentation for tender. We oversee the selection of trusted contractors that we feel are best suited to create your garden, review the tenders and advise on which tender to accept.

Overseeing the build

We will visit the site during the creation of your garden to check that the work is being carried out to the highest standard, troubleshoot if necessary and liaise with all parties.


Gardens often take a few years to establish and it’s vital they are tended correctly during this time. We will provide full maintenance schedules for the garden, and set up an online calendar to remind you of what garden jobs need doing through the year. Alternatively, we can arrange for experienced gardeners to come in and maintain the garden for you. And of course, we will happily come and visit the garden over the coming months and years.

Garden Design and Horticultural Consultancy

We also offer a garden design consultancy service, for clients who may not want a formal redesign of their garden, but require some in depth pointers on how to proceed on their own. For more on our Design and Horticultural Consultancy, please click HERE.